FS19 Multiplayer / Dedicated Server Issues

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FS19 Multiplayer / Dedicated Server Issues

Post by gigilal » Mon Sep 09, 2019 10:54 am

Hi, I am woundering if someone else is experiencing this same problem that I have.

Firstly in FS17 I was renting a dedicated server from VeryGames and I had no problem running 4 or 4 combines and 4 seeders at the same time anyway my point is I could run a ton of workers before I started to get FPS drop and the server NEVER crashed (and we had around 200 mods).

But now in FS19 I am renting a dedicated server from VeryGames and I have 120 mods I cant play on one 4x map or bigger and work before the server crashes or gets frozen if I run 3 combines its GG go Next so two combines is max and even then I have major FPS/lags and this is telling me that I can only run one farm so all my friends if they want to play with me we need to play at the same Farm. Anyone here that can relate to this problem? Yesterday I took the savefile and I used it as a singleplayer worked perfectly no FPS drop no LAG no anything. Is it the server that is the problem? And who is renting the best FS19 servers out there for EU?

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Re: FS19 Multiplayer / Dedicated Server Issues

Post by Magnus.Jager » Tue Sep 17, 2019 7:28 pm


Sorry for the long reply, just making it back to the forums. This comes down to a couple possible factors, I'll list them and then the best way to check.

1.) Server specs (Generally this will come down to your actual RAM and processing power. Most 'dedicated' hosts are actually 8-15 people sharing 1 actual server with their server instances.). Best way to check this is does the FPS and lag happen when you're in sight of a lot of activity, out of sight, on crop transitions, etc.

2.) Your specs. Again this comes down testing things out. Even if you don't see your computer stats maxxing out, there can be hiccups caused by certain in-game actions.

3.) Your ping to the server. The higher your ping, the more FPS drops and lag spikes you will incur when you are nearing an area with a significant amount of activity.

If you're still experiencing issues, would be happy to help you figure it out, but in general FS19 is more hardware intensive than 17.

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