Guidance Steering (GPS) Mod Suggesions A

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Guidance Steering (GPS) Mod Suggesions A

Post by Krahazik » Mon Dec 02, 2019 10:32 pm

Some suggestions for Guidance Steering by Wopster

I have been getting used to using the GPS mod on multiplayer and I have a couple of suggestions.

1. When you have the GPS settings window open, how about a help page with a listing of the hot-keys. For a while I hade to find and open the mod's page on my tablet to get the keys I needed to use to help with using the mod. An in-game quick reference would be handy there.

2. Field Scanning. I have noticed that the mod seams to use the base map definition of the field for calculating headland space. The issue is that this does not account for any changes to the fields geometry or size. An option to scan and rcord the edges of a field would be handy for those times where the player may have lengthened or shortened a field.

3. Headland Position Option. Something I just thought of working with some of my fields. An option to designate if the headland space is inside the field edge, or outside the field edge.

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Re: Guidance Steering (GPS) Mod Suggesions A

Post by don_apple » Mon Dec 02, 2019 11:05 pm

Might be better to report these suggestions at

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