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Custom Mod Placement

Post by willcgage » Sun Nov 27, 2016 6:19 am

So, I'm very new to Farming Sim. So far, loving it. I am on a Mac and want to know what to do when I download a custom Mod. (i.e.: what folder do I put them in? what do I name them...keep the same or specific naming format? Do I have to do anything special outside of that for the game to recognize them?)

Any and all help is much appreciated.

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Re: Custom Mod Placement

Post by don_apple » Sun Nov 27, 2016 9:10 am

Hello and welcome to the forum!

Here are some tips for installing mods:
- make sure you have the latest update for the game installed: ... country=us

- mods from the official Giants ModHub can be installed directly from within the game by clicking on 'Mods' in the games main menu and then selecting the mod you want to install. After clicking the 'Install' button the mod will be downloaded and installed automatically

- the mods must be placed in the 'mods' folder inside the 'FarmingSimulator20<version>' folder (please have a look at the following link for instructions on where to find the folder: viewtopic.php?f=874&t=97898)

- the mods should always be put in the mods folder in 'ZIP' format, if they are uncompressed they will not work in multiplayer games. If you run Mac OS X and are using Safari to download mods then make sure the option 'Open 'safe' files after downloading' is turned off in the Safari preferences so that Safari will not automatically try to uncompress them

- do not rename the downloaded ZIP files of the mods, just put them in the mods folder as you have downloded them

- sometimes a mod is actually a pack of multiple pieces that need to be put in the mods folder separately. In these cases the name of the downloaded file will usually contain words like 'unpack', 'uncompress', 'entpacken'. In these cases you must unpack the file first and then put the ZIP files contained within in the mods folder.

- mod packs will sometimes also be delivered as a 'RAR' archive or some other compression format. On Mac OS X you can use a tool called 'The Unarchiver' (available via the Mac App Store) to uncompress these files

- in order to avoid that mods mess up the game only use mods from trusted sites and stay away from mod hosting site that only copy stuff from various sources and then offer it as their own stuff. Some recommended sites are:
- the in-game ModHub (available via the 'Mods' item in the games main menu). Also availavle via ... country=us

- if all this doesn't help then post the logt.txt file of the game in a new thread: viewtopic.php?f=827&t=88665

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