FYI - StartMeUp mod info - from the author

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FYI - StartMeUp mod info - from the author

Post by Slivicon » Fri Jan 12, 2018 5:27 pm

OK, so I'm not sure if the mod will stay published or not at this point, I've received two emails, one says yes, one says no. There is confusion about what this mod "does" that is causing this, I believe.

I found similar "confusion" during testing of this mod with some people who for whatever reason, did not understand what this mod is actually doing.

I also noticed the mod is already receiving 1 star ratings, and while I try not to let ratings bother me (because they rarely are an indication of the quality of the mod, but rather an indication of whether people can use it (if it is available for all platforms), and/or an indication of whether it is something they have a need for; obviously people who hate automatic motor start would have zero use for this mod)

So, I'm going to try and explain further here, for anyone interested in this mod (this is a PC only mod, because it is a user script).

- In the default game, Automatic Motor Start is a game setting, it can be on or off, but whatever the setting, it is on or off for ALL players
- If you use the seasons mod, the mod turns off that game setting, and disables the user ability to turn it back on

What this mod does NOT do:
- In the current version,, it does NOT override the game setting, and it does not change the game setting

What this mod DOES do:
- When the Automatic Motor Start game setting is set to OFF, it provides the ability to press a key combination, which will then toggle a behaviour where when you enter a vehicle, the motor automatically starts, and when you leave a vehicle, the motor is automatically stopped.
- It does this WITHOUT changing the game setting, so that you can still have that main component to the Automatic Motor Start feature available to you as a player, even if you use seasons mod, and also (in multiplayer) without changing the game setting and affecting the behaviour for OTHER players
- When you no longer wish to have that, you press the key combination to toggle it back off again
- If the Automatic Motor Start setting is ON, then this mod does nothing, as you are already using the full game setting anyway

This mod becomes useful if you are a person who wants to play multiplayer, but different people want the game setting to be ON and others want it OFF. This allows the game setting to be OFF, and still provide the main part of this feature to individual players as an individual player setting.

This mod also becomes useful if you are a person who wants automatic motor start, but also use seasons, which disables it. It allows you to toggle on the main part of the feature (starting motors when you enter a vehicle, stopping them when you leave), while the game setting remains disabled and off with the seasons mod. (In an earlier test version, I wrote code to override what seasons does to disable the setting and turn it off, but based on user feedback, I chose to re-write it so that it no longer attempts to "undo" what seasons does, because the bigger issue was that the whole idea of AMS was that it was a global game setting, and not a player setting; I wanted it to be a player setting, where different players can have this or not have this)