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jah6575 Geo Mods

Post by jah6575 » Sun Jul 29, 2018 12:20 am

Hi guys!
I wanted to throw this out there as one of my Geo mods has been released. I’m looking for your help to make my Geo mods even better. Minnesota USA has been released and I have 2 more pending certification review. They are designed to be companion mods for FS 17 maps. They are a UK geo designed to give closer weather than either base Seasons or the Wales geo for the maps Colborough Park Farm by BulletBill83 and Oakfield Farm by Oxygendavid. The second is based on the map Lone Oak farm by BulletBill83.

I have done thorough research and testing for all my mods and I have ideas for others as well. If you have CONSTRUCTIVE criticism or suggestions for my mods feel free to share them here, however if you feel like bashing me or my mods please refrain. Like BulletBill83 said in the past I am nodding primarily for myself and since I have a preference to play on console, Giants is the only was for me to use my own mods on my preferred platform.

I am working on 2 additional geo Mods currently also designed to be companions for released maps but I won’t elaborate more at this time as they will require extensive testing.

If you have an issue with my mods you can constructively bring them up and at the least I will try to explain why I did things the way I did. As a note I am working on an update for the Minnesota mod to include animals and possibly change the weather and growth slightly to make it perform even better.