Adding a animated object to map. Wildlife.

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Adding a animated object to map. Wildlife.

Post by Aussie Farmer YT » Thu May 09, 2019 4:19 am

Hello everyone. I am making a Australian map of my own farm and I would like to add some kangaroos to bring the map to life. Yes I am a noob at modding, this is my first mod ever any advice/ tutorials will help me lots.

My question is
To make a kangaroo follow a spline jumping should I create a trainsystem.xml and set it as a train. Or if I create a traffic system and have the cars as a kangaroo. Would that work? Or is there a easier way? I have tried using the ships.onCreate but that just slides along the spline no bouncing. I can get it to bounce by creating the animation in the xml with a trigger action. But I want it to be freely around my map.