Thinks about Durango

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Thinks about Durango

Post by Lygge » Thu Jul 11, 2019 1:30 pm

Fine map with full stars for artists behind the number series. A lot of work has been done in that and you will notice it. Finally the trains have been introducet and the desinger have used more hours to create a track. Great teammates!

The liturgy of a long story:
If you want some tips for updates, then something comes up from the player thinking. On the trains, could develop a wagon depot, where wagons can be stored when not in use. At the Stations are a little tricky to see when the last wagon is on the loading screen because The train is pretty long. All the wagons could be marked according to the property. The last five wagons, what can it carry? Can carry animals, feed, fertilizers, vehicles, etc. As an idea: Can the dolphin-train load tractor and slurry cart, harvester and header, when travel to north to job.

The forest were the one that seemed who is not included :search: How in the northern part of the map is a red volcanic land with palm trees, and then in the south there is spruce forest. Somehow it seems that fs19 limits too much of the creativity of map gurus. Could the tree be in accordance with the map, and for example these tropical maps could have different animal sounds than in the north. I thougth puma, parrot, and some little monkey could say something.

For the future, I would give the idea of your think-hatt. This map would already make it possible to build a game floor with a village. Here is already grouped some farms it would be a good start. There could be more players in the game and everyone would have a small start-up capital to develop their farm. Such a map could include, for example, three farm owners. They would work independently with their own space and could visit others by talking and asking for help. In the middle map there would be free fields that could be bought if the farm is expanding, there could also be a common village center and there is The Pub where you could talk if the farm work is lonely. If you want to stop holding the farm then you would normally go out and delete the play. The synchronization problem should first be corrected so that the entire map does not get stuck for a long time when someone enters.

Oh boys came again, a long story. May the sun be in front of you and the wind behind you.
Yours Lygge
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