Cotton Bale Mass/Physics Problem - DLC JD

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Cotton Bale Mass/Physics Problem - DLC JD

Post by campoverde » Wed Sep 04, 2019 9:55 pm

Hello everyone....
We are creating a mod (2-part trailer) for cotton loading, but we have encountered a problem that may be due to the wrong mass or physics of the DLC JD cotton bales. I believe they are very heavy.
The first fact is that the 18-load trailer (maximum limit) only allows driving in the game at 11KM / H, and in real life, a trailer can easily drive at 50 / 60HM / H.


Another problem is with the center of mass of the trailer. When we configure the center of mass with the empty trailer without bales and loading the trailer with the bales it easily turns ...
When we set the center of mass with the bale-loaded trailer and when we unload and drive with it empty, the trailer also turns easily. Please, can anyone help me?

PS: Giants, please check this weight of the bales. This is very wrong.