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Post by JensChrDK » Sun Mar 22, 2020 5:11 pm

Hi everyone :smileynew:

I have the Hulk++ (mod) truck pulling a Wilson Pacesetter (standard) trailer. No hoses or cables connect between the 2 vehicles.
Before the Hulk++ I had a Warrior (standard) truck pulling the same trailer, but needed more power. I can't remember if the hoses and cables connected on those 2

Now, my problem is that the Hulk++ needs about 70 km of road to stop, while the Warrior did a much better job. Is that because the hoses wont connect, so the brakes on the trailer don't engage? Or are the brakes just not as good on the Hulk++?

Is that an easy fix in the XML file? You know, for a guy that has never done nothing but opening the file and thinking "WOW, I'm outta here!"
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