Map making - farmland info layer vs field definitions

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Andy Mac
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Map making - farmland info layer vs field definitions

Post by Andy Mac » Tue May 19, 2020 4:33 pm

Hi folks! Map making noob here - apologies in advance. :mrgreen:

I get the whole farmland info layer thing - all works fine, if a bit clunky. However I'm struggling to understand the point of field definitions using FieldUtil.onCreate and the absolute ball-ache of defining odd shaped fields using a bunch of crudely drawn rectangles. There doesn't seem to be a support video for this any more on the GDN tutorials and I've noticed some maps (such as Greenwich Valley - amazing map btw) don't seem to bother defining the exact size of each field. Presumably they're just used here for the field index and to define which fields are suitable for grass missions:


So I have lots of questions:
1. Why do grass missions need to be specifically defined? Surely grass contracts should happen on any field that has... grass?
2. How is the field area worked out? Is it based on the field definition size (blue rectangles) or does the game just work it out based on cultivated land in that farmland zone?
3. Is field area is based on the blue rectangles, cultivated land or the farmland info layer? If it's based on the blue rectangles how on earth does this work for Greenwich Valley?

If anyone wants to follow my amateur map making adventures I'm recording my progress here:
(please bear with me!)

Thanks in advance,

Andy Mac