"Micro" frame drops after spending a lot of time on a map.

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"Micro" frame drops after spending a lot of time on a map.

Post by W1der » Tue Dec 12, 2017 1:29 pm

I have had this with all my savegames that I have spent a lot of time with.
Mainly on GCV as this is a map I use for MP.

When I have played (without any mods) for a looong period of time, eventually I am getting "micro" frame drops.
Every 3-5 seconds the frame drops go down, just a tad, and causes the screen to "flicker".
The behavior is almost as if it is following a "pattern" ... and no matter if I am in a specific vehicle or on foot (standing still) it keeps doing this.

This is happening all over the map (even if I sell all the equipment).

I tried clearing the "shader_cache folder" and rebooted my PC ...
But as this is only happening on the savegames I spent a lot of time on, I cant see that this is hardware related.
I suspect that the savegame is somehow corrupted over time?

Anyone else noticed this behavior?
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Application: FarmingSimulator2017
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Number of Buttons: 14
Audio System
Driver: OpenAL
Version: 1.1
Device: Generic Software
Render System
Driver: Direct 3D 11
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Revision: 161
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Started 4 threads for threadpool 'Render threadpool'
Hardware Profile
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View Distance Factor: 1.500000
Shadow Quality: 2.000000 Size: 4096 Filter-Size: 16
Shader Quality: 3
Skip Mipmaps: 0
LOD Distance Factor: 2.000000
Terrain LOD Distance Factor: 2.000000
Terrain Normal Mapping: Yes
Foliage View Distance Factor: 2.000000
Max dynamic foliage View Distance Factor: 2.000000
Foliage Density: 0.500000
Volume Mesh Tessellation Factor: 0.750000
Tyre Tracks Segments Factor: 4.000000
Max. Number of Shadow Lights: 6
Max. Number of Lights: 512
Max. Number of Lights Per Cluster: 32
Farming Simulator 17
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Language: en
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Register configuration 'designColor'
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Game vehicle types loaded
Load dlc: pdlc_kuhnPack (Version:
dataS/cameraPath01.i3d (0.08) ms
dataS/cameraPath02.i3d (0.07) ms
dataS/cameraPath03.i3d (0.05) ms
data/sky/skyUS_day_night.i3d (7.59) ms
data/sky/rain.i3d (1.16) ms
data/sky/hail.i3d (0.75) ms
data/sky/dust.i3d (0.55) ms
data/maps/map01.i3d (1226.21) ms
data/objects/basketball/basketball.i3d (1.37) ms
Disabled withering
data/vehicles/tools/holaras/holarasMES500.i3d (11.18) ms
data/vehicles/steerable/newHolland/newHollandFR850.i3d (45.98) ms
data/vehicles/cutters/kemper/kemper390Plus.i3d (18.46) ms
data/vehicles/tools/lizard/lizardSilageFork.i3d (2.22) ms
data/vehicles/tools/holaras/holarasMES400.i3d (2.47) ms
data/vehicles/trailers/thunderCreek/FST990.i3d (9.61) ms
data/vehicles/steerable/challenger/challengerMT900E.i3d (39.39) ms
data/vehicles/steerable/jcb/jcb435s.i3d (25.88) ms
data/vehicles/steerable/masseyFerguson/MF8700.i3d (36.39) ms
data/vehicles/steerable/newHolland/newHollandT8.i3d (45.77) ms
data/vehicles/steerable/fendt/fendt900.i3d (58.19) ms
data/vehicles/steerable/deutz/deutzFahrSeries9.i3d (42.04) ms
data/vehicles/trailers/krone/kroneTX560D.i3d (22.65) ms
data/vehicles/steerable/caseIH/caseIHMagnum380.i3d (23.27) ms
data/vehicles/steerable/jcb/jcbFastrac8000.i3d (34.03) ms
data/maps/trees/maple.i3d (6.44) ms
data/maps/trees/birch01.i3d (2.00) ms
data/maps/trees/oak.i3d (6.11) ms
data/placeables/shelters/storageShelter02.i3d (1.99) ms
data/placeables/shacks/shack01.i3d (0.84) ms
data/placeables/shelters/storageShelter01.i3d (4.87) ms
data/placeables/highPressureWasher/kaercher/kaercherHDS918-4M.i3d (11.30) ms
data/placeables/shacks/shack02.i3d (1.21) ms
data/placeables/shelters/vehicleShelter.i3d (1.31) ms
data/vehicles/train/locomotive.i3d (19.07) ms
data/vehicles/train/wagonTimber.i3d (9.19) ms
data/vehicles/train/wagonWoodChips.i3d (10.09) ms
data/vehicles/train/wagonGrain.i3d (10.30) ms
data/vehicles/train/wagonSugarbeets.i3d (10.26) ms
dataS2/character/player/player01.i3d (210.29) ms
dataS2/character/pedestrians/woman05.i3d (10.42) ms
dataS2/character/pedestrians/man02.i3d (3.22) ms
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