Very tedious control mapping for game

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Very tedious control mapping for game

Post by dertien » Mon Jan 29, 2018 3:48 am


Same as for FS 2015, 2017 controls are all thrown into one file without any reference to what tool or what machine the control belongs. This makes assigning Joysticks and controls to different implements and mods a real pain in the ass and a very tedious and time consuming frustrating task.

Assigning controls would be a lot simpler if each mod would have its own page where the controls pertaining to that mod were gathered together, or a title in between the sets of controls that would give you a clue as to what implement/machine that control would achieve.

Furthermore, the accelerate and decelerate is always inverted. So pressing the pedal for the accelerator stops the vehicle instead of increasing its speed, same goes for the brake, which also does not stop your vehicle but makes it go in reverse. A simple checkbox which inverts the axes would go a long way here.

I cannot understand after so many iterations of Farming Simulator, this is still so poorly implemented, it is a 'vehicle simulator' after all.