Help needed - Steering Wheel / Excavator

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Help needed - Steering Wheel / Excavator

Post by Bensterr » Wed Sep 12, 2018 10:55 am

Hi All,

I'm in need of a bit of help. I've very recently bought the, very expensive, Farming Simulator Heavy Equipment Bundle, aka the Saitek steering wheel. So far, all's been great but i cannot for the life of me get the thing to play nice with my excavator mod - which was kind of the reason why i bought it in the first place.

So here's the thing: i have a Volvo excavator and a selector grab attachment. See attached picture for clarification. It is fully controllable by mouse, all works fine. Controls on mouse are as follows:

LMB Axis X - Rotate body
LMB Axis Y - Move main arm up
RMB Axis X - Move outrigger arm forward / backward
RMB Axis Y - Move bucket attacher
MMB Axis X - Adjust main arm

The controls for my attached grab are:
RMB + LMB Axis X - Rotate
RMB + LMB Axis Y - Open / Close

This works fine. I buy the excavator, buy the attachment, attach it and i can control either one - WITHOUT selecting it with the G button. It just works as it should and as you would expect.

However, on my Saitek Wheel, i could not figure out how to control the selector grab (AXIS_FRONTLOADER_TOOL4 and ..._TOOL3). I simply did not get the darn thing to move. So i've mapped these to the left thumbstick on the steering wheel (AXIS_CRANE_ARM and AXIS_CRANE_ARM2) in the XML. So far, so good.

But here's the kicker. With the Heavy Equipment Bundle I cannot control the grab, without selecting it with button 21 (the space bar above the joystick on the side panel). This spoils all the fun, because i then cannot control the main body and arms of the crane with the joystick on the sidepanel until i select these with button 21. I'm really in the dark here, because in my mind i should be able to control both the excavator and the grab like i do with my mouse. I can control a, attached to tractor, Jenz chipper just fine without 'selecting' it. Whats the difference?

What the bleep am i doing wrong? Or is there something i'm missing? All help is greatly appreciated.



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Re: Help needed - Steering Wheel / Excavator

Post by Bensterr » Tue Sep 18, 2018 10:08 am

Bump. Anyone, please? :mrgreen:

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