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Jumpyness on 75Hz Monitor

Posted: Wed Oct 03, 2018 7:29 pm
by Guitarman

First off this is more of a general computing setup question than a direct problem with my game.

So I have finally gone and upgraded to an actual pc (not a laptop anymore)! Specs are in my signature, completely blowing my mind playing the game maxed out after being below low for so long.

My one minor bugbear is this kind of jerky/jumpy ness that comes with movement. Finding it quite distracting, considering it gets worse with speed and I'm currently hauling silage ingame. It kind of looks like it's skipping a few frames.

Done a bit of research about refresh rates and fps and eventually tried turning my monitor down to 60hz. Totally smooth looking. Monitor is an Acer KG221Q (75hz, 1ms response time) I should probably add/

So my question really is, is the higher refresh rate the cause or is something else going on (My knowledge on matters like this is not the greatest).

And in anyone's experience is it bad to run at 60hz rather than 75hz (seen a lot of divided opinion online), and if so is there another way around it.

Thanks for any help.
Happy Farming.