Mission problems and support

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Re: Mission problems and support

Post by hardwork » Sun Mar 31, 2019 7:25 pm

Well here is an update. I came up with a way to see where the problem came from. I ran to copies of the game on both consoles ps4 and ps4 pro. I have no modes installed and ran them using the same map. I was able to get both of the consoles to crash with the same sequence of missions in each game,on the same field and with different equipment doing the same missions. I was able to get this to happen 4 times. I will say that the first crash happened on the pro and was able to get the same on the ps4.I will say I have done 2014 missions to get here. So everyone who had the answer keep thinking how smart you were, because I will keep the answer to myself. Oh and this was with no assistance from giants.

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