Malicious Android apps.

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Malicious Android apps.

Post by hpmc13 » Thu Mar 14, 2019 1:09 pm

Follows is a link to an interesting article on malicious apps on Google Play. I'm bringing it up because a lot of them are farming/tractor apps and similar that it seems to me more than a few people here might play. ... ve-adware/
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Re: Malicious Android apps.

Post by AnthonyPurdy » Mon Apr 01, 2019 8:45 am

At least with Android, the global community responds to threats like this. If this had happened on Apple, you would never have heard of it, and when some tech site dug up the problem, Apple would have denied its existence for 6 months.


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Re: Malicious Android apps.

Post by Smith Modding » Fri Apr 05, 2019 5:14 pm

The thing is, Apple would never have allowed those apps on the App Store because of their rigorous testing for apps (unlike google play which doesn’t have much testing at all, if any)
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