Workshop upload before onLoad?

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Workshop upload before onLoad?

Post by tonyripper12 » Sat Oct 05, 2019 12:20 pm

I'm working on converting Mint Cooperative over to TTS, but it has a really fiddly deck setup at the start that I've automated.

You shuffle the deck, make 3 piles of 4 cards, set the rest of the deck aside, add a special card to each of the 3 piles, shuffle them individually, and then stack them together as their own deck. I've managed to get this working flawlessly in the onLoad function so as soon as the table loads everything is done automatically.

The problem arises when I tried to upload it to the workshop. Rather than uploading it in the state I saved it at so that the script can run properly, it uploaded it after all this had been done and starts throwing nil reference errors because the 3 cards are part of the deck instead of sitting out ready to go.whatsapp web routerlogin

Is there any way to upload the save I have that works locally? The upload feature seems to only want to work after I have it loaded.

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