FS-VIRTUALFARMS | Online Farm Management System | 24/7 Server

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FS-VIRTUALFARMS | Online Farm Management System | 24/7 Server

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Welcome to FS-VirtualFarms.

About us
The server consists of a map with 3 farms, each farm will have a farm manager and a team of workers. To do this, I created a website where managers will create tasks for their respective farms and workers can assign a task and start working. In addition we will use the mod mp manager that allows us to assign the inputs and expenses to the respective farm. Obviously each farm will have its machinery and fields.

Link: http://fs-virtualfarms.com/

Game Information
- Matchmaking Server: Continental Europe
- Server Game Name: FS-VIRTUALFARMS.COM | Join us!
- Map: Coldborough Park Farm v3

Website Overview

Server Dashboard:
Farm Overview:
Task System:

Tasks Tutorial: http://dashboard.fs-virtualfarms.com/in ... ase/view/3

Interested in being a farm manager?

We have all the farms with a farm manager. At the moment, we are not looking for managers

We need a farm manager for the Yatton Ridge Farm. If you are interested in being farm manager, you can register to the website and send a private message to the user "VirtualFarms" or send me a private message. Please provide some information about you: Why would you like to be a farm manager, etc ... If you provide a lot of information more possibilities you will have to be chosen.
Important! The farm managers will be in charge of assigning the tasks to the workers of the farm, making decisions, accept new farm workers applications... The manager has to be an active person in the server, if he does not connect for a long period of time or do not add tasks for the workers, another manager will be selected.

Interested in being a farm Worker?

You have to register to the website, go to the Before Starting section, select the farm you want to join and send the application form to the farm manager by private message. If you provide a lot of information more possibilities you will have to be accepted.

Map Farm Limits

Tutorials / Rules

Please before you start read the tutorials:

Tutorial for Farm Managers: http://dashboard.fs-virtualfarms.com/in ... ase/view/2
Tutorial for Farm Workers: http://dashboard.fs-virtualfarms.com/in ... ase/view/3
Rules: http://dashboard.fs-virtualfarms.com/in ... ase/view/7

For more information visit our knowledge base section: http://dashboard.fs-virtualfarms.com/in ... ledge_base


Coldborough Farm
Manager: Serpla
Accepting workers application? Not yet

Chantry Farm
Manager: BIGFish (Robbo)
Accepting workers application? Yes
- Chaoxiang
- Helmax

Yatton Ridge Farm
Manager: Neil 96
Accepting workers application? Yes
- CaraML59

Thank you.