Got Logs? (Emerald Valley Logging server)

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Got Logs? (Emerald Valley Logging server)

Postby marcacous » Sat Aug 12, 2017 9:21 pm

This map is run on a dedicated server which is password protected when admins are not online to protect it and it's members from trolling little kids and is strictly managed to ensure we have great players helping out and not imature kids that just want to horse around.

We are Running 7 mods atm:
FDR's Emerald Valley Logging map
FDR's Grapple Skidder
FDR's Grapple Loader (880 Grapple Loader)
FDR's Fixed Processor (320 Fixed Processor)
FDR's Semi Hauler
FDR's Feller buncher (551 Feller Buncher)
BsM Trailer Semi-log 80000/6

server mods can be downloaded here:

We are considering adding a few more mods if we find some good ones but trying to get mod numbers down

We take care of our loging sites to ensure they are kept neat and tidy aswell as stumps are cleared frequently
Screenshot of a cleared area

As stated before, the server is password protected when no admins are on but the password is posted in our discord channel when it is enabled so our members can still connect and enjoy the server.
Discord info is given out to members that join during public times and deamed as responsable members.

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