BöndersPlank now seeking new farmers on Porta Westfalica v3.1 seasons ENGLISH IS MINUMUM

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BöndersPlank now seeking new farmers on Porta Westfalica v3.1 seasons ENGLISH IS MINUMUM

Post by Froddan » Thu Oct 12, 2017 7:21 pm

Hello and welcome to Böndersplank a swedish server that seeks to be as realstic as possible with the help of seasons mod.

We are as of now only a 2 person team that has been working on this server for more than 70+ real hours
on the map called Porta westfalica v3.1 . however we feel like it would be a bit more fun with more people
so thats why we now try to seek for 2 - 3 more player's who just want to farm with the different things like factories,
harvesting and logging, ( we will get animals at a later stage).

The server is not a dedicated as i feel like many people wont be online on the middle of a working day, and also to keep away people
who likes to ruin the server just for fun. However we do often play in the evenings and on weekends.
We are not like all the big dedicated servers who give's everbody a farm, own equiptment and money as we are not seeking to become big,
you could see it like a family buisness were all help each other out, so if you want to have a certain equipment well maybe we will get that to the farm.

-We dont use DLC content, only mods.
-We do as told use Seasons mod with 9 days per season as of now, and we are at the secound year now if i remember correctly.
-We run the time at usually 5 times, but when the low season is on ( like winter ) we do put it to 15/60 times the ordinary
time depending on what can be done ( usually woodcutting, sand tranporting, factories and soon animals).
And why do we use more than 1 times the time ? well i dont really feel like it would be realistic in comparision to the real life map distance,
and the server is only on when im at home.
-We dont use teamspeak, if you want to speak we use skype or u can just write in the chatt.
-We ban all players who abuse the play style.
-We do understand Svenska English Suomea Norsk, however we are from Sweden
-We are over 21 years in age but play with people 16+ if they seem like ok people.