Spectical Island update gave me a lot of wood

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Spectical Island update gave me a lot of wood

Post by gamertag Jeff Z7 » Wed Mar 07, 2018 3:43 am

So.... Spectical Island on the Xbox One just had an update that reduced the trees in the fields. Problem for me is, I had all the fields cleared, 11-16 & 21 22. Now all the trees are back (half of the original but 1,000,000% more trees than I had before the update).

Looking for experienced tree farmers (or deleters). Delete em, mulch em, chop em, I don't care. I farmed them once & don't want to do it all alone again. I will buy any equipment required for you if I don't already have it. Gamertag Jeff Z7, I have season pass & use a ton of mods. I can post pics of my current mods & disable some if necessary for a compatible game match.

I have no problem leaving my Xbox on 24/7 for this. But speed will be at realtime when I'm away so that my 1000 sheep don't starve. I can do all snow map if that makes it more fun for you or turn seasons off, I don't care. Send a friend request & message on xbox if you are interested.