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1.04 patch caused issues.

Posted: Thu Feb 09, 2017 2:29 pm
by Joshj27a
Since the 1.04 patch on xbox1 and PS4 workers will no longer turn around on a tapered field. This is a big issue because workers do all of my and most everyone else's cultivating, planting and harvesting. Please fix this right away.

Re: 1.04 patch caused issues.

Posted: Thu Feb 09, 2017 3:41 pm
by Joshj27a
Yes and I got the same result.

Re: 1.04 patch caused issues.

Posted: Thu Feb 09, 2017 4:35 pm
by Faelandaea
As has been pointed out multiple times over the past endless threads about this, patch 1.4 does not recognize "current" fields. You have two options:
  1. Work the field manually at least once. Doesn't have to be all stages. Just plow it or cultivate it or something. It doesn't take that long to do and is the easiest fix.
  2. Start a new save on that map. A new save will "reset" the fields and all will work properly.
If you just started the map ... the new save probably would work. But if you have been working that map a while, go with option 1. It takes little to no time at all, and you can quickly get things straightened out again. In short, the figures in your save game file do not match up with the new numbers for the new AI code, but once you work the field manually, it "re-writes" new numbers to the current save telling the game how AI should handle that field in the future.

Also ... search is your friend, although you didn't need it at all since this answer has been posted multiple times just on the front page of the tech support area :)