[WON'T FIX] Case IH Sugarcane harvester problem

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Re: Case IH Sugarcane harvester problem

Post by Redsnapper13 » Mon Nov 20, 2017 10:09 am

NateS wrote:
Redsnapper13 wrote:My issue is that once the trailer is full I cant unload it - anywhere!!!.. Ive tried different trailers, using AI when loading or driving myself etc and still nothing.... I get no "unload" option on any of them. Means I know have a field that I cant harvest! this is on PS4
Are you using one of the trailers that came with the new DLC? They unload differently than othert trailers. The controls are more like that of a bucket than a trailer. You don't get an option to just push triangle to unload.
Thanks NateS.....yes Im using the original one that you get supplied with and still no joy......will try again with another one and see if that makes a difference....thks

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