[READ] Something wrong with server creation!

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[READ] Something wrong with server creation!

Post by Sandri » Fri Oct 19, 2018 3:28 pm

Hey guys, there's a good time that me and my friend are sometimes having an issue when creating a multiplayer server. Sometimes, it work 100%, I can create, restart and etc, but sometimes he get the message "No connection could be established to multiplayer game" and even restarting the server, the game, the router and the pc it keeps getting this message. Right now, we can't connect, but yesterday it was working properly. Nothing was changed on the machines nor the routers configs. He noticed that when it's working normal, the icon of the left of the server's name, it's a green globe, and when it's not working, it's appearing a little house, like when we're playing on the same router. I searched for this problem all the internet and could not find a fix fot it. Most of then talks about the router ports, but we played a lot of hours and never needed to do something with port. Observing this trouble, and seeing the FS19 getting close, i can imagine that we'll have the same problem there, so i'm not happy with the idea to buy it. :sadnew:

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Re: [READ] Something wrong with server creation!

Post by minihiiri » Sun Oct 21, 2018 9:27 am

I also have that Connection could not be established but it happens all the time no matter if i make the server or my friend makes it. But if i join some random server it Works. But in other Farmings like FS 15 it worked always

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