Bobcat 863

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Bobcat 863

Post by redglasses » Wed May 16, 2018 3:36 am

I love this soooo much, I'm hyped that we have bobcat.

I know this might come across as harsh but, I have a couple criticisms, please dont take this as I hate the mod, I love it. One of, if not the best mod for consoles.

1: The tracked option is missing one thing. IRL the wheeled machine is the 863, this is fine for the wheeled version. The tracked version IRL is the 864, but ingame the model number is still the 863.

2: The tracks are ripped straight off the jcb. I would love for custom track modules to be made for this machine.

3: I think the beacon should be an option, IMO the perfect thing would be to have 3 beacon options. One for no beacon, one for current beacon, one for a modern light bar (like this)
I know it might look funky but its worth a try.

I know these are nit picky. I know arm team are good at upgrading their mods, and I'm just giving them ideas for an update. Again I LOVE this mod.

Edit don_apple: moved to 'ModHub Mods Bug Reports' section, since this is related to a ModHub Mod and not the game itself.
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Re: Bobcat 863

Post by ClassicTractors » Wed May 16, 2018 4:33 am

I love this mod too....but there is one big thing I think is missing....moving drive levers....I wish they moved when you turned and went forwards/backwards.
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