Mod Bug: Field Service Trailer with Repair Mod

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Mod Bug: Field Service Trailer with Repair Mod

Post by Krahazik » Wed Jun 20, 2018 4:37 pm

Mod: Field Service Mod
Author: GtX (LS-Modcompany)

This is about its interation with the Repair Mod that allows you to repair vehicles yourself at workshops. Some vehicles can be repaired at the trailer (with the back open with workshop active) but other vehicles can not. With some vehicles when I walk to the side of the vehicle for doing a repair, the notification to press the Z key to repair the vehicle flickers rappidy, and I am unable to repair the vehicle. So far I have had this occure with the IH combine and head (seperatly) and 1 tracktor. Other vehicles the repair mod functions normally just as if I was at the vehicle workshop building and I was able to repair the vehicle.

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Re: Mod Bug: Field Service Trailer with Repair Mod

Post by GtX » Mon Jun 25, 2018 11:55 am

Is this using the latest release?

Unfortunately the way the `Repair Mod` is setup it is very hard to trick it to allow the servicing at the trailer as it only wants to use the `placeable workshops'.
I really wanted to add the function as I know some people do use the mod still even after seasons was released..

The problem is the only way I could add the ability is a rather crude way of doing it, it does seem on some occasions to cause a problem though by the sound of it.
Unfortunately at this stage I do not have a solution that is 'rock solid' so it would be hard to fix sorry. If it was setup more like Seasons it would not be a problem.

Thanks for letting us know and if I can find a rock solid fix then it will be fixed...
As it is only this script though I can not place any guarantees at this stage sorry.
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