Little Acre Farming - Recruiting (FS20 UK)

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Little Acre Farming - Recruiting (FS20 UK)

Post by KyotoUK » Wed Nov 24, 2021 4:12 pm

Little Acre Farming are looking for a few UK Console players (or PC players who only looking to use official mods) to join our start up on a hosted Nitrado server. We are just starting the farm up this week, there is no pressure to play every minute of every day but we are looking for longer-term players.

User must be 21+, have a MIC and be on console or willing to only have official MODs on PC. All users will have the chance to put forward mods they wish to have added to the server for a vote and vote/discuss the direction of the farm.

Play times are usually 7:30pm - 11pm.
DM me on Discord (KyotoUK#3979) or on here for more info.