Inactive vehicles sliding away on hills.. Physics issue.

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Inactive vehicles sliding away on hills.. Physics issue.

Post by Darthtool » Wed May 02, 2018 2:10 pm

This is related to Stock game environment and modded (More realistic engine) and im pasting my post from the Fs-uk forum here.

To Summarize, Inactive vehicles (engine off) lose all their physics/Mass and traction.. in the base game without MRengine this isn't to much of an issue on hills, but with MRengine and added mass everything slides away like on ICE, the Debug mode shows active vehicles have an effect on Non-active vehicles in close proximity and this is the root cause of the problem.

If i place two vehicles side by side on a steep slope (with or without handbrake mod) and start the engine on one of the vehicles and move it slightly the other vehicle loses all traction and slides away. if the engine of both tractors is on neither will slide away.

so basically an inactive tractor with engine off on a hill will stay put until i drive close to it with another tractor in which case it then acts like the ground is ice and falls away.

I am using crop destruction modules and MR, is this a game bug or something MR causes?


It appears that any MR modded vehicle exhibits (except tracked units) this behavior where-as standard un-moddfied vehicles d'ont, could this be a problem with the MRsetmass feature?

another area this shows itself is when trying to hook upto a loaded trailer on a hill, the second you touch it or get near it with MR activated it rolls away like its on an ice sheet, wheels not spinning.. its as if the game forgets the physics.

With the game stock there still appears to be an effect on inactive vehicles when an active vehicle is driven close to it, it shows a slight jump on the inactive vehicle.. its this effect with MR enabled that then results in complete loss of traction of that inactive vehicle. (you can push a 16ton tractor sideways with a 3 ton tractor for example until you switch the engine on in the inactive vehicle)

Is this related? loss of tire mass?

Using DEV-mode and looking at the collisions boxes i notice there seems to be an area of effect on the active vehicle which appears to effect the traction of any vehicle in proximity. (the white ring on the wheels lights up and physics become active/inactive)

TLDR... MR exacerbates a stock game bug/issue, is their a work around or is this a "Feature" we have to put up with Smiley

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Re: [READ] Inactive vehicles sliding away on hills.. Physics issue.

Post by x Lethian x » Wed May 02, 2018 2:28 pm

Hi Darthtool!

Have you experienced this in only the basegame (without MR)? We tried it here on our side and did not encounter any issues. Will move this to the ModHub Bugreport section for now.
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