Fs19 PS4 'terrain cannot be modified here"

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Fs19 PS4 'terrain cannot be modified here"

Post by Blackrandomapple » Mon Aug 12, 2019 11:33 pm

Hey Guys and Girls.

Ive just downloaded the new 'Flat map' for Fs19 on the PS4 only to find i cannot modify most of the terrain at all.
Ive bought the fields ect but still only some of the map can be edited.
Its random too. Ive not even added any placables.

Ive tried, saving the game, restarting, re installing the map itself but still it wont let me do hardly anything.

Ive searched google and youtube for an answer but it seems like its just me having this problem.
Sorry for the poor quality photo, ny phine is broken :(