Piney Run 3.0 and coal at the sawmill

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Piney Run 3.0 and coal at the sawmill

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I downloaded Piney Run with latest update 3.0 and own the sawmill and dryer on the SW side of the map. I see the sawmill requires coal in addition to wood, but after loading a dump trailer (smallest of the vanilla ones) it wouldn't prompt to overload at the sawmill where you unload the trees (or anywhere else). I could dump it straight on the ground at the drop point, but sawmill wouldn't take it. I then leased the Volvo dump truck, filled it with coal, and it showed the prompt to overload, but stopped as soon as it started, without the sawmill showing any coal delivered. I tried one last time with a front end loader full of coal, it disappeared at the drop site, but did not register any coal being given to the sawmill.
I had sawmill pack mod, but deleted it thinking it was interfering. No change. I unchecked all mods and tried again, no change. Checked the log file, no errors and only two warnings about cut meadow being too high. This is the first time I have run into an issue with any mods or maps, I wanted to pick your brains about this issue.
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Re: Piney Run 3.0 and coal at the sawmill

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I got same problem only with coal to the sawmill quick fix to get round it set your coal to distribute at the material plant Chuck your stone in .the cycles are pretty quick and I watched a fs club news the other night sure there’s another update coming from piney run with new crops hope this helps till then
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