What happened on your farm today?

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Re: What happened on your farm today?

Post by Krahazik » Thu Dec 27, 2018 10:38 pm

I had an incident moving a large combine on the low loader. Was crossing the tracks when the train arrived. The lights came on, the gates dropperd, 1 infront of the combine 1 behind pinning the combine, trailer and my truck in place. Both the combine and my truck with trailer got airtime when the trian came through. Combine landed in the gas station, right side up supprisingly. My truck landed in the grass field next to the tracks.

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Re: What happened on your farm today?

Post by deddycantshoot » Thu Dec 27, 2018 11:54 pm

Weeding of course. Seems like all I do.

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Re: What happened on your farm today?

Post by Gnasher3i6 » Fri Dec 28, 2018 2:29 am

Spent all day trying to fix my Cow feed mixer, Would have been easier to send it to the "Pimp my ride crew" Might have got some sweet flame throwers on the exhaust too.
Finally got that sorted so spent the rest of the day making power food.
I hope one day to actually buy some cows and I can stop dropping food all over the place.
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Re: What happened on your farm today?

Post by High Cotton » Fri Dec 28, 2018 6:46 am


I had new Michelins put on the picker and adjusted the spacing. Now back to pickin.

(Giants if you read this I know this cotton pickin’ thing has a an odd ball size but you could have gotten a little closer then 150mm to wide.)

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Re: What happened on your farm today?

Post by garyst » Fri Dec 28, 2018 10:22 pm

This crap is what happened on my farm today.



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Re: What happened on your farm today?

Post by oneway » Fri Dec 28, 2018 11:19 pm

Just a little cultivating.

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Re: What happened on your farm today?

Post by Newholland T8 » Fri Dec 28, 2018 11:39 pm

tried cotton today on my biggest field, fertilized the life out of the field and got a surprising yield, and because im super super cheap when it comes to equipment, i rented the case harvester to try out the new crop, thought to myself, im not buying a lorry because i dont need one yet and im not renting one just to use it for one field with the lizard cotton trailer, so i had a brain wave, i knew my little valtra would break an axle just looking at those huge cotton bales, so i had a look round the yard while the harvester was on a worker for the time being, checked the main shed and my filthy JCB loader was sitting in the corner with the lizard buckrake still attached, so i thought if that would work, drove up to the field in it, folded the buck rake for transport use and left it folded, picked up the bales a treat! and to take them back to the yard i had my 4220 on the fleigl bale trailer with the extensions off and that worked an absolute treat! safe to say i have a shed full of dense cotton bales waiting for a price hike or great demand and then its time for the 4220 to stretch its legs again when its not running the samson tanker or carting, then i hopefully will have the cash to treat myself to that big mean green machine 8400R, i love the fendt 939 and will defend it to the hills, but ive never heard a real one idling and in game it sounds like somebody has put a spoon in a washing machine!

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Re: What happened on your farm today?

Post by PoggleBox » Sat Dec 29, 2018 3:21 am

A hectic day at Felsbrunn today. Felled half a dozen old trees this morning just to keep my hand in and collected £18,000 for the timber. Used the new CLAAS 780 Lexion in anger for the first time. 2 Contract fields 9 and 10 knocked out in under an hour. Then tried a contract potato harvest for the first time using borrowed equipment at field 25. It's only 1.84 acres but a funny shape and took 90 minutes to complete. Hardly worth the £1500 profit after paying the hired help. Did a couple of fertilizing contracts and sprayed some weeds too. Then I had 5 fields ready for harvest all at the same time. One Canola and four cereal crops. Knocked them out sharpish with the Lexion and baled the straw. 120 bales... Just finished planting Oats in field 19 when the weeds struck. Of course, I had to then weed that field along with field 21 as well. Luckily the others fields were harvested so could be dealt with later.

Four of the harvested fields required lime. I spread a total of 35,350L of it! Anyone who says not to use the silos for lime is wrong a saving of £631 per 14,000L was had over using big bags. Planted Soybeans Barley and Wheat in the remaining fields. In the middle of all this, I decided to join fields 26 and 27 together extending them as far as is reasonably practical. It makes sense now we have larger equipment. Before doing this I had the sense to mow the boundary grass and made silage bales which I sold at the barn. £30,000 worth.

Noticed the strange phenomenon of weeds growing in my grass field (20) today. Just along the edge adjacent to field 19.
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Re: What happened on your farm today?

Post by JohnDeere77 » Sun Dec 30, 2018 4:38 pm

Yeah! Seems like its a lot of grind work here on FS19 :-D (And I love it!)
I play on felsbrunn map, and have bought field 21 and 22 and extended both a bit so they total 7,25 acres. Doing all the work myself, except from three times of weeding. Have a Fendt 515c, an all extended Strautman tipper, Vaderstad Rapid A600, Bizon Super, Salford 4204, Einboch Pneumatic star and Bredal K105. The fields had a purchasing cost of 685 000,-, and the equipment costed 373 250. After driving over my fields at a total number of 58times (420acres worked) my net asset value has risen quit a lot from the starting €500 000,-. Since my equipment has dropped from the purchasing value of 373 250,- to 149 000,- my net asset value is now almost €510 000,-. Thats nice or what?
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Re: What happened on your farm today?

Post by Crazof » Mon Dec 31, 2018 5:28 am

Today went from late spring to early summer on Estancia lapacho. Feed the cattle, watered all 3 animal types. Topped off the water in the greenhouses. Did 6 contracts, 3-planting, 2-slurry,1-plowing ( love the Weba 6m)
Had a worker do the final fertilizer state on two sunflower fields. Started a sugar cane harvest on field 17, got about 1/2 done.

Last night bought field 9 & 10 on ravenport, did misc contracts. Harvested 10, mowed and wind rowed 9 and all the grass around 10.

Wrapped bales from grass around 8 & 11. ( got 78 bales from around these two fields)

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Re: What happened on your farm today?

Post by RogsR35UK » Tue Jan 01, 2019 12:39 pm

On my New Farmer Ravenport, I expanded field 22 and with 100% Fertilized harvested over 71,000 litres of Wheat this morning. I already expanded field 23 and when I started out combined 24,25 and 26 and squared it off to create a 4 Hectare field, though there is a minor issue with the Combine missing a bit in the top corner, so may need a bit more landscaping!

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Re: What happened on your farm today?

Post by psfd237 » Tue Jan 01, 2019 3:31 pm

Had a slight incident with a train. Hauling a load of wheat to the restaurant on Ravenport, lights at the RR crossing started flashing, was on the brakes hard but being loaded it was to little to late! Ended up on my side down the tracks a ways.....didn't spill any grain though, those tarps on the trailers do a very good job. lol

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Re: What happened on your farm today?

Post by Rickenbacker » Tue Jan 01, 2019 3:51 pm

Finally got caught up with the cows many needs, only to realize that my 38 head of milk cows only gives me an income of about 7000 a day. Still, that should be profitable in the loooong run, right?

Realized that combining two of the fields on Felsbrunn made one large, but VERY STEEP field. Re-ploughed it to turn it 90 degrees and use the remainder for grass, which as a bonus made the whole thing less steep. And I have LOTS of hay now :).

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Re: What happened on your farm today?

Post by emz » Tue Jan 01, 2019 4:22 pm

I got fed up with Ravenport and switched to Felsbrunn. Bought a nice olive green Valtra and I've been just driving around and exploring the new map, sooo pretty. Managed not to drive it off a cliff while I was on the phone and still playing... Need to decide where I want to buy land and start building my new farm.
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Re: What happened on your farm today?

Post by Addictedtofs » Tue Jan 01, 2019 6:45 pm

Today was a fun and a boring day..

When I awoke at seven, and a cloudy sky greeted me, it seemed a portend to the troubles that awaited me. It started good enough, as I had a relatively lazy morning servicing my vehicles as was needed and refueling in anticipation of the upcoming harvest. I looked at the sky and groaned. It seemed to always be cloudy on harvest day like clockwork. I started the corn harvest, the amber stalks were mowed down easily by the hungry jaws of my 9240. I sat in the cab of my new roadrunner with the morning paper, laughing at Garfield who was up to his usual hijinks, when my worker hit his beacon.

I have always been a case man, they roar to life with all the fury of giant red lions, on the hunt for the next job to tackle. One thing I always forget is how low the capacity of the harvester is. It has improved, I believe, since I started farming in 2017 but it still seemed to fill very quickly. As I took a sip of coffee that had started to turn cold, it hit me. I had forgotten to buy a chaser bin. Cussing, I fired up the roadrunner with the long lode king and maneuvered the cumbersome rig next to the red hungry beast. Carefully I drove, my fingers heavy on the controls and my tongue working, but to no avail. I bumped him off track.

My face turned seven shades of purple and red and I'm sure if you saw me at the right angle, you could probably see the steam shooting from my ears. I said nothing to the worker, who although seemingly brain dead at times, was a solid reliable feller. I caught him smirking out the corner of my eye. He was probably relishing the fact that after all the chewing I had given him, this was my mistake alone to fix and he wasn't to blame in the slightest.

I got him back on course and three hours later the big field, which used to be three, was finished. At that moment the clouds parted as if to mock me. As I sat staring at the lighthouse, deciding what to do next, the most remarkable thing happened. The field, which we had just harvested, was now full of little green weeds. I had plenty of work to do otherwise, but I had no choice but to wrestle the lumbering Rubicon 9000 from his slumber. Driving to the shed where I store my various pallets, I realized I was out of herbicide. I searched four or five times, willing the little orange mark to appear but it wasn't there. The space where they sat, waiting to be used, was empty.

I really like my little Kramer. It handles like a dream and the seats are soft like sitting on a pile of baby ducks. I have spent many an hour stacking pallets with my green machine, untill I inevitably ran of daylight and couldn't see to make sure they were straight. So I couldn't have anticipated the trouble that was coming when I hooked the Fliegl to my reliable Optum and followed as a worker drove the mighty frontloader to the shop. (I reset it but I digress, it's a narrative people) I bought the pallets and they were all lined up like well mannered children in a queue. As I slid the forks into the first big pallet, it wouldn't go. I pushed and pushed, the engine roaring and smoke shooting straight up from the exertion but it was no use, it wouldn't budge.

I decided to pick up the pallet anyway, it was only halfway on and slightly askew in its defiance but I was determined to stack it on the trailer anyway. As I lifted it, it started to dance, rocking up in down to a rhythm I couldn't hear. It rocked and rocked then shot into the air like a rocket, tumbling head over tail very fast then landing a few feet away from me on it's side. I swear it was grinning. Pallet after pallet it was the same and by the time the last big bag made it onto the trailer, (I had decided to buy a little of everything) I was livid. You may not believe me when I tell you about the little dancing rockets but it's true.

Finally home I loaded up the massive sprayer and set a worker. I sat staring at the trailer of pallets but I still haven't touched them. After the weeds were little grey piles of lifeless ash, I went home to a cozy dinner and a movie. I guess I'll tackle those pallets tomorrow but today I haven't got it in me.
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