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Re: LIME!!!!

Post by PoggleBox » Mon Dec 31, 2018 4:07 am

The boost nomenclature is a misnomer really. If you have everything turned on and you do everything- (Fertilize at 2 stages of growth, weed or spray if necessary, Lime & Plough if necessary) you'll get 100% yield. If you neglect any of the above you get a penalty. There is no additional bonus above 100%. Ploughing also has an option to be turned on randomly. So if that option is enabled any field can require ploughing after harvest at random as well as the root vegetables mentioned earlier in the thread. Doubling up by planting Radish and spraying 2x is a waste of effort and money, as is fertilizing any growth stage twice. Liming before necessary is also a waste of money and time. Spraying however can (as of update prevent weeds from growing in sprayed area's until after harvest. That is ideal if you've had no weeds in a field and want to sleep but expect the crop to be ready to harvest when you get up. The crop must still be in a growth state and you'll have to spray yourself, helpers won't do it for you unless there are already weeds in the field. If you've already dealt with weeds in a field for this crop cycle, you won't get them again so it's not necessary.
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