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Daily Updates - Mods currently in testing [Console/PC]

Posted: Mon Jan 07, 2019 3:02 pm
by Chaki
Hey there,

this thread will show you the mods that are currently in testing with our QA team.

What's this all about?

Before a mod is uploded to our ModHub, it needs some testing. We need to ensure that it works as it should, does not break anything ect. Our QA team (you might know them from the Bug forums) is testing several mods at any given time. Once they finished the test, you will see the Mod on ModHub (unless it failed the test of course).

This thread should give you an overview about the mods currently in testing.

A few things worth noting:
  • It's called testing for a reason. Not every mod might pass the test and show up on ModHub. So no guarantee!
  • There are way more mods than the ones mentioned here, but we can't test them all at once. If you can't see your mods here, please be patient, we will get to it eventually.
  • There is not ETA on how long it will take to bring a mod to consoles. Testing usually takes a few days.
  • If you see a mod flagged as 'in testing' that's already live, then it's most likely an update to the mod.
  • The list might be empty sometimes. Mainly after weekends or bank holidays. That means all mods have been tested and we are compiling a list of mods we test next at that very moment. Just come back in a few hours and the list should look different.
  • Mod that are flagged as [GIANTS MOD] might take a bit longer in testing, as they are tested during the development and might need some work.
Our QA team is currently testing the following mods:
[PC] Bandenmarkt Tires
[PC] British Shed
[PC] Eurospand Pack
[PC] Ford Cargo Series Brazil
[PC] Garage With workshop
[PC] GatePack
[PC] Handfeuermelder
[PC] Krampe KS 950
[PC] Lizard Cargo Series Brazil
[PC] Lizard D46-D47 Pack
[PC] MAN TGS Tank Pack
[PC] Maps JZD Vidhostice CZ
[PC] Mass 600 Or 900 Kg And Frontal BoxFront ...
[PC] Poland Buildings
[PC] Precision Farming/JZD Vidhostice Map Cz
[PC] Rauch AXERA-H 1101
[PC] Rauch AXIS
[PC] Sarmat Auger Wagon and Trailer
[PC] Seppi Multipla S9
[PC] Tatra E6
[PC] Ursus C Series
[PC] Ursus C355/C355M/C360/3p 4x2
[PC] W50 Truck
[PC] Weights 600-2400kg

Number of mods waiting to be tested: 23
Current average waiting time for newly submitted Mods: 1 workdays


Re: Daily Updates - Mods currently in testing [Console/PC]

Posted: Mon Apr 12, 2021 1:09 pm
by Chaki