Tilt, pan and zoom controls

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Tilt, pan and zoom controls

Post by Lord_Beelzebub » Thu Jan 10, 2019 7:32 pm

Can we get a revamp of these controls for console please? The zoom, tilt and pan controls in the game are horrible! Who uses the d-pad up and down buttons to zoom in and out in games these days? Usually those controls are assigned to the two joysticks in games. I play Cities Skylines and they nailed it as far as I’m concerned. Left joystick pans the camera across the map, right joystick tilts the camera up and down and rotates the camera left and right. Left and right trigger buttons zoom in and out.

I like that Giants added a terrain editor to FS19, but hate the controls. For instance, when you’re painting the ground with a texture and zoom in close so can see what you’re doing, the camera angle automatically goes horizontal. I need to be able to freely tilt the camera angle downward so I can actually see the ground I’m trying to edit. I don’t want a horizontal view of the skyline. The only time the camera angles downward is when you zoom out, but then you’re too far zoomed out to do detail work of ground painting.

I’m sorry, but Giants need a lesson in common controller button assignments. These functions have been horrible since release.

Can we please have the ability to freely tilt the camera angle while terrain editing?