More old tractors coming?

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Re: More old tractors coming?

Post by KWW92374 » Wed Jan 16, 2019 8:16 pm

olskool farmer wrote:
Sat Jan 12, 2019 10:28 pm
KWW92374 wrote:
Sat Jan 12, 2019 6:18 am
For me...I want older,classic tractors and equipment on fs19...the new tractors and equipment....mean nothing to me.fs19 will be fun when changes...or gets added...take care all.
Thanks man,I agree with you, and there are many old tractors I like and there are others too who like both newer and older but have more fun with older ones also,at least I'm not the only one,this isn't the only time some liberal who drives a prius and preahes the gospel according to "KEEP UP WITH THE TIMES" got all butthurt because I don't believe in old stuff being considered "junk" "yesterday's trash" and "obsolete" don't get me wrong,new stuff is cool too but there's nothing wrong with old stuff too,all I asked is that I'd like to see old stuff too and I know there are others as well,so yeah who cares what some liberl modernizer has to say,they car get in their little electric golf carts,and go whine about it at the next "al gore fest" just because some of us who would like to see some old stuff come to fs19 doesn't mean that those who are all deep in the 21st century go whine and infringe on those who are a bit nostalgic
I I understand ,I have fs19 from the start on Nov 20...just played enough to see the new equipment,maps and the functions fs19 gave us but till the older equipment and smaller tractors/equipment gets here...I probably won't be playing fs19....besides I'm still playing fs17 anyways.
I know pc would be better for mods,but money and my site are problems that can't be I keep marching forward.
Dogface the fodder made the classic pack fs19.I hope his making it for fs19 to,Peterj fodder made the Massey Ferguson 135,240 and 300 series,and BSM made the Massey Ferguson older pack to .many other modelers have made small plowers,cultivates much to look forward to
One thing I love seeing is a old tractor pulling hard down a looks so cool.
I hope we get to see/use some old John Deere tractors/equipment would be ablast.
Seasons I hope comes back to.its difficult to for me to play fs19 without it.
Take care all.

olskool farmer
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Re: More old tractors coming?

Post by olskool farmer » Thu Jan 17, 2019 1:09 am

I agree,still going to play fs19 and boy I sure am hoping to see some old tractors mixed in with the new,and much more but it all takes time and patience,Dogface did an amazing job on the MF pack and I enjoy it,would like to see the old MFs again,but with working dash lights and the indicator lights that come on when you start them up then go off after a few seconds,love those features,makes thing more realistic,and I do have a request,in the mix I would love to see an MF 180 Diesel,an MF 1105-1135 with a bucket loader attachment as well as the rear twin wheel option,an MF 1155 which is basically an 1105-1135 but with the Perkins V8 rather than the Perkins P 354 6 cylinder turbo,and would love it if the engines which are quite exposed to have moving parts,and also an MF 2745,it has a 145 horse power Perkins turbo diesel V8,had a 1969 MF 180 Diesel,a 1973 MF 1105 with a loader, and a 1979 MF 2745 growing up on the farm and they were great tractors,used them pretty much everyday for different tasks,the 1105 more that the other 2,I tell you what though,THEY WERE AS RELIABLE AS THEY COME,always ready to go when you needed them,wish we never moved off the farm or we'd still have them,I wouldn't be surprised if they're still running strong to this day,they were all 2WD but there was nothing they couldn't handle,the 2745 had rear twin wheels a can pull some pretty heavy stuff like nothing,hitch a big disc or a plow to it and it would cut right through the field like a hot knife on butter,it was a beast

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