Poplar Woodchips at Biomass Heating Plant?

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Poplar Woodchips at Biomass Heating Plant?

Post by bioenergy_tycoon » Mon Feb 11, 2019 10:22 pm

I know that Poplar woodchips can be sold at the pile at the Sawmill.

In the farm manager mode, I have purchased the parcel on which the Biomass Heating Plant is located. However, there still is no unload option when I drive a loaded tipper over the BHP's drop-off point, and trying to force unload anywhere inside the fence gives me the "no land access" message. However, unloading just outside of the fence works. I tried building a conveyor train in but the physics got so ragdoll-y and buggy that I lost patience and gave up. I did notice that the Ropa Nawaro Maus is just tall enough to unload into the tall wood crusher when fully extended. Has anyone tried it?

I have also noticed that there is a water tank fill-up station inside the BHP...does that have anything to do with anything or is it just a free placeable?