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Re: GPS Mod?

Post by The.EuroFarmer » Wed May 22, 2019 1:02 pm

I like what Wopster did with the GPS.

@ cwattyeso :
You mean a combination between GPS and Follow Me, for example, once the leader enables the GPS, the followers to enable it too automatically. It would work both in single and multi play.
I haven't tried multiplayer yet, but it would be nice if and when I will try multiplayer to be able to not hear someone screaming that I lost the line and I made a damage :)

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Re: GPS Mod?

Post by cwattyeso » Wed May 22, 2019 2:19 pm

@The.EuroFarmer not wanting to compare Wopster's GPS with the GPS Mod from FS17, but that one had a feature/function where when a player set a GPS Course/Track in Multiplayer, other players near that player could load the same course from that player, meaning they would get the same heading, width, offset etc. This would then enable multiple players to perform the same function on a field such as harvesting, seeding, fertilising etc side by side without missing any of the field or crashing into each other.

Right now from my experience in Multiplayer with the Guidance Steering Mod, a player can create and save a track which other players can load. However when you get to the field and want to do the work, the first player adjusts the track position and alignment with the field edge for example and then sets off. The second player then also has to position them self and then manually adjust their track position and alignment so that they can drive the lane next to the first player without either too much overlap and possibly colliding with the player or leaving too much of a gap between each players work. As more players come along to take up lanes this process becomes more complicated to get right and if one player positions their track slightly wrong it shows very quickly when you finish the lane and move onto the next one. You either get areas overlapped or areas missed completely.

In multiplayer sessions I have participated in recently what tends to happen is a player will go to say the left edge of the field and start a course there and work right towards the middle of the field. Another player will go to the right edge of the field and start a course there and work left towards the middle of the field. If the field is really big another player will start a course in the middle of the field and alternate left and right lanes to work towards both other players.
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Re: GPS Mod?

Post by The.EuroFarmer » Wed May 22, 2019 3:37 pm

@ cwattyeso

Yes, of course, no one will go in a row and behind each other but they will go under and further right.

Exactly the same happens in reality when there are for example many combines in the same field:

Code: Select all

Actually the combines are NOT having so much gap, for example combine2 starts exactly under the number 1 but it seems it wont let me write it exactly with the way I like. I wish we could use HTML so I could write it with the way I want, but I think you understand what I mean:)

As about the GPS from FS17, maybe I should examine its .lua files and see if there are alternatives for FS19 lua. If yes, then is a matter of the right conversion.

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Re: GPS Mod?

Post by Auduns » Wed May 22, 2019 3:41 pm

This is possible today, save GPS line in first Combine/tractor, and then pick up saved GPS line in the other veichles. (Caveat: Not sure saving and sharing works in MP yet tho)

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