Reporting Seasons 19 bugs

Please report new found bugs in this forum and confirm that you were able to reproduce a bug.
You can find all information in "How to report a bug"
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Reporting Seasons 19 bugs

Post by theSeb » Thu Jul 25, 2019 11:40 pm

Please report bugs on our gitlab ... ons/issues

Before creating issue, read through the list of existing issues to see if yours was already reported. Once creating a new issue make sure to include steps to reproduce and screenshots at least. If the issue is a bit obscure, then try to reproduce without seasons first. Always include a copy of your log file. For the love of science please take a quick look at the list of open issues and don’t raise obvious duplicates.

Note that gitlab is not a place to ask questions. We will not support queries posted there. Also, please do not post bugs in this thread here. That really defeats the point of having a system like gitlab in place. If you want to come and chat to us, or need some help with your mod, or map, then join us on our slack. The link can be found on our website.

There are currently a bunch of issues causing weird behaviour when using a dedicated server. We are aware of them and are working on fixes.

Graphical tree issues - wait for your favourite map maker to update their map to use default FS 19 trees. We cannot fix those problems.

Happy farming.

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Re: Reporting Seasons 19 bugs

Post by don_apple » Sat Jul 27, 2019 12:43 pm

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Re: Reporting Seasons 19 bugs

Post by theSeb » Fri Aug 02, 2019 8:56 am

These are the things we have already fixed and will be in the next update.

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first set of fixes:
- Added Dutch and Czech translations.
- Added Italian translation by Matteo7810 and Lorenzos.
- Added Polish translation by Ch3mi and Kacper.
- Added Spanish translation by Vanquish.
- Fix French translation for Dorper. [#187]
- Update Russian translations.
- Add support for multiple fill units when measuring.
- Added better mask areas for DE placeables.
- Corrected animal data. [#188, #206]
- Do not fill units with snow that can't tip to ground. [#220]
- Fix economy history price calculations. [#224]
- Fix input propagation issue. [#193]
- Fix issue with custom fruits that have no max fertilization state. [#222]
- Fix multiplayer change of season length. Was broken for 18+. [#149]
- Fix scrolling of crops list with gamepad. [#172]
- Fix the growth disabling issues.
- Fix the repair setup for contract borrowed vehicles. [#162]
- Fix translation formatting for the PCF text.
- Fixed issue with initial wear amount at 0.1.
- Fixed removal of snow piles when thawing. [#147]
- Fixed weed damage scaling regarding days per season.
- Prevent an engine crash when adding too many height types (basegame issue).
- Put new ambient sound in the environment audio group. [#211]
- Remove all swaths before putting down snow. [#147]
- Update pig foodgroups to not include a POTATO SUGARBEET group. [#158]

second set of fixes:
- Add fix for the handtool synchronisation issue also to the mod.
- Add more safety checks for animals and growth for badly set up maps.
- Added Brazilian translation by fatikki.
- Added collision and clear areas to water pump. [#221]
- Adjust the pig food mixture to match the new food groups. [#245]
- Fix direct seeding by overwriting the basegame value afterwards. [#184]
- Fix for weather forecast. [#223]
- Fix tree growth time. [#196]
- Fix warning for working on frozen ground. [#184]
- Fix water usage for animals. [#248]
- Fix weather synchronization. [#244]
- Fixed pig data. [#188]
- Improved German translation [#237]
- Improved weather generation. [#219]
- Make sowing helper recognize the new planted state. [#241]
- Remove semidry grass on first snowfall.
- Update feed amounts of horses. [#206]
- Update pig prices. [#253]
- Added error checking to growth debug console commands [#148]

Knowledge should be shared and open so don't PM me for Seasons support. *thumbsup*