Buried trees and map creators

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Re: Buried trees and map creators

Post by Farming Girl » Wed Aug 14, 2019 6:40 pm

billy_roberts_81 wrote:
Wed Aug 14, 2019 5:45 pm
It seems the trend even more so for Fs19 to slate the modders while offering no actual proof of a solution to the issues they are complaining about.

But then these types of people love to complain about others work, but aren't prepared to let there own work be judged as harshly.

As has been said it's no wonder more and more talented map makers are leaving Farm Sim or at least no longer publicly modding with the insulting posts that have appeared in this thread and many others.

I find it laughable that there is this assumption that modders MUST and SHOULD listen to feedback. Why should they?
Why should they care what every numpty under the sun thinks of there work? They will never please everyone.
Far better they do it for the enjoyment and challenge of creating something.

Just because someone releases a mod doesn't mean they have to listen or accept any feedback, or criticism.
You are right, Modders don't have to listen to Criticism, however i would always listen to Constructive Criticism, and i think most Modders would as i do, welcome this... however there are a lot of posters on here are who are just interested in ripping other peoples work apart, it is easy for them to do this sat in front of a computer screen, forgetting there is a person on the other end, having spent hundreds of hours on a map and all that is associated with it.

For all those Modders i salute all your Hard work, and thank you for the hours of fun i have taken from your work *thumbsup*

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