New Series!

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New Series!

Post by DTAGaming » Tue Sep 03, 2019 8:17 pm

Hey everyone DTA here. I just wanted to get out here and put my foot in the door by making a Let’s Play US based (realism) on Console(XB1) because you don’t see that out there to often, and I wanted to grow the FS community and continue to get bigger! This is meant for everyone but more for console players because they can watch it and use everything in the video on their farm unlike watching PC videos where they don’t have access to it! Thanks for your time everyone who read and viewed this.

Here is a link to my channel to check out my content if anyone is interested, thank you! ... amVKwOfOuQ

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Re: New Series!

Post by Deadeye » Wed Sep 04, 2019 1:17 am

I only watched your first episode so far, but intend to watch the rest of them as my schedule allows. I like what I see. It's neat to see people doing stuff like this. Definitely an awesome start. I hope you get some seasons GEOS on console soon so you can play with seasons though. That has a way of making things more interesting. Nice work!
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Re: New Series!

Post by Tylercheesey1986 » Wed Sep 04, 2019 2:08 am

Great job, recommend everyone should check out your videos.
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Re: New Series!

Post by Farmsimgod » Wed Sep 04, 2019 2:38 am

Yes I watched all of the episodes and loved each one I use to stream on twitch but lost the drive to do it but have been trying to get the drive back and watching your videos has given me that drive to get back to streaming but if you need any help or just a fellow farming simulator lover to join your amazing farm my xbox gamertag is hockeycorr25

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Re: New Series!

Post by Walrusman02 » Wed Sep 04, 2019 3:33 am

Love it so far, really appreciate it as a console player, outa curiosity, how much money did you start out with?
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Re: New Series!

Post by Konnork98 » Wed Sep 04, 2019 7:56 am

Right on!

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Re: New Series!

Post by Rasping rabbit » Wed Sep 04, 2019 11:11 am

I will be checking these out. I’m an Xbox player so will be good to see some console action. I only really follow Mr Sealyp at the moment for consoles since Jimbobplaysgames dropped off the scene.

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Re: New Series!

Post by Jimbob0704 » Wed Sep 04, 2019 1:16 pm

I've just subscribed, going to check these out later on, but your right about the other streams, everything goes alright then out comes the Class combines lol we get left behind
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Re: New Series!

Post by Guil » Wed Sep 04, 2019 2:08 pm

New subscriber for you, briefly had a look at ep 1. I'll watch them after work.

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Re: New Series!

Post by PrincessJessi84 » Wed Sep 04, 2019 5:46 pm

ill give it a watch.. mark down another subscriber

edit- im watching now.. im hard of hearing (legally deaf) and im having to turn my sound up pretty loud to make out what u r saying.. would it be possible in future vids to increase your mic volume pretty please?

edit 2- video number 2 is even quieter.. ive got my 1000w system almost maxed and I cant hear u talking
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Re: New Series!

Post by Stopdad1 » Wed Sep 04, 2019 6:01 pm

I've also watched and subscribed. So far only watched the first two episodes but like what I'm seeing, keep it up!

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Re: New Series!

Post by Patrick73 » Wed Sep 04, 2019 7:15 pm

Subscribed! And good luck with the channel

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Re: New Series!

Post by Guil » Wed Sep 04, 2019 8:01 pm

Just an FYI but the sound is extremely low on ep 2.

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Re: New Series!

Post by chedly_farms » Wed Sep 04, 2019 8:56 pm

It's nice to see an the series on New Woodshire. I've often thought about starting a series on it. Good content 2 episodes in so far.
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Re: New Series!

Post by tommo83 » Wed Sep 04, 2019 9:31 pm

hi i shall have a watch i quite like watching other peoples ideas. id love to do stream or lets play (roleplay) but dont know where to start haha

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