Ouch: Quite a game balance breaking exploit!

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Re: Ouch: Quite a game balance breaking exploit!

Post by bossmanslim » Mon Oct 14, 2019 5:16 pm

I'll throw my 2 cents in on this topic. I'd care more about field flipping if other parts of the game were fixed/made sense/balanced correctly. Examples

  • All the crops are about the same in $ per hour of work. This is not true IRL and many crops are not treated correctly. In terms of price per acre, corn should be $700, soybean $480 and wheat $265 (+ straw), but in game they are about the same. The only way to get more $ per acre without killing yourself hauling stuff is to plant cotton or make silage bales.
  • Livestock are complete joke in their money making potential when compared to the investment of buildings and equipment. Most people will move on before they make the money back.
  • Land prices are laughable high in most cases with no option to rent.
Other stuff I see as bigger issues than field flipping that Dev time could be spent on:
  • Feed rates on planters are flat out broken as admitted by Giants
  • All the issues with forestry
  • Helper AI, courseplay incorporation, GPS incorporation, Autodrive incorporation, Seasons incorporation

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Re: Ouch: Quite a game balance breaking exploit!

Post by Farmercaseih » Mon Oct 14, 2019 11:57 pm

Where I live a 80 acre field would likely sell for over $1 million, so on some maps, the land prices are fairly low to me.

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