Hopfach - 4x industry map

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Hopfach - 4x industry map

Post by OlavEmil » Sun Nov 10, 2019 9:43 pm

Just a heads up for those who haven't discovered it already, and want an excellent 4x map with major use of Global Company, and still seasons prepared: Have a look at Hopfach by LS-Modcompany: https://ls-modcompany.com/filebase/file ... opfach-v1/

I have seen several youtubers calling it a 16x map, but I have measured it myself, and it is unfortunately "just" a standard 4x map. Still, there are only a handful good 4x maps out there, and there are only a few good industry maps out there. This one ecxels in both.

I have made a map of the different industries, since I wasn't able to find one (certainly not in English anyways). It's high definition, and with detailed minimaps for the high concentration areas of the map. I have tried to locate all the major industries, but I may very well have missed some yet. There are almost certainly more honey production facilities than the one I've listed, they are just small shacks scattered around in the forests.

Below is a low res preview of the map, for full version, click here: https://i.imgur.com/1RdP73y.jpg