A look ahead to FS21/22 - What platform?

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Re: A look ahead to FS21/22 - What platform?

Post by Valko_inen » Mon Feb 10, 2020 8:37 am

Tbh I'll get the game, £20 or thereabouts every two years is virtually nothing. I have a suspicion that the next FS will drop the number altogether

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Re: A look ahead to FS21/22 - What platform?

Post by Perbjorkhem » Mon Feb 10, 2020 8:06 pm

Sounds like the new Playstation 5 will have awesome technology, so hopefully I will buy that and enjoy fs on that platform. 500$ is half the price of a decent deskrop where I live.

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Re: A look ahead to FS21/22 - What platform?

Post by pingu » Tue Feb 11, 2020 10:57 pm

Just an average gamer (probably not even that) in terms of how much I play, but very picky about the experience when I play. Never played on gaming consoles, and can't find any reason to start now. So it's "PC" for me, and that means macOS and a one-click buy on the MacAppStore. If the next FS version is available on macOS on the MacAppStore, I will probably buy it (if anything, just to support it). But I doubt it will be. And if it is, I doubt I will love it like FS17 (that is better than ever with the new amazing The Western Shore map).

I want a warm, friendly, slow-paced, realistic FS experience with all my dedicated controller gadgets. But the number of players looking for that is probably way too small to make any sense in terms of sales number. So I guess FS will gravitate towards the console market gaming experience, and prioritize a trendy look-and-feel and a total focus on social media / esport interaction. As for business model my guess is either 'freemium' with everything (except the minimum bare-bone game) in a never-ending stream of paid contents, or 100% as monthly/yearly subscriptions for every part of the game down to individual brand names. And that is sad, because the whole 'DLC | Silver | Gold | Platinum | ExpansionPack | SeasonPass | Whatever' hysteria is already turning me off as a player.
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