Case IH 1255 XL CY 1992 -mod on ps4

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Case IH 1255 XL CY 1992 -mod on ps4

Post by Massey5713 » Sun Feb 09, 2020 9:17 pm

First of all thank you to the creator of the Case IH 1255 XL mod on mod-hub for ps4! Hope you modders make more tractors like these, from the 80’s,90’s and 00’.. Also love it when the mods has different «paint-options» to simulate old and used, and restored tractors.

But I do have one problem with my mod. The 3-point lift at the back of the tractor, doesn’t work with cultivators? Worked well with the newest lizzard-forklift/balefork-thing, and ploughs, but not with cultivator. The smaller ones, it lift the front of the ground, but not the backpart. On bigger cultivators, like the RAU unimat 660, it lifts the whole thing, but doesent respond to lowering it? Anyone experienced the same?
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