Dedicated Server issues need help

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Dedicated Server issues need help

Post by beregor » Wed Mar 25, 2020 10:52 am


first of all lets start with hardware i am using for this setup
AMD Fx 4300 Quad 3,8ghz
24gb ddr3 ram
200gb ssd disk
500/500 fiber connection.

With 10 users online im around 50% on cpu, 25% on memory and use around 100kb down and 1mb up on the connection.
The computer only run FS server nothing else. (windows 10)

problem is its still rubberband when people drive fast,
i dont see any spikes on the server what so ever

I also dont find anyware were i can change the buffer size of server or change it.
What is the diffrence betwen matchmaking servers, does it do any diffrence to change it?
in one config u have bandwith"5" what does this mean? and how those this affect game?

Biggest issues are that tractors and cars dont reach top speed but stay betwen 10-30km/h lower all the time.