ITRunner Slurry Field Container, HowTo?

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ITRunner Slurry Field Container, HowTo?

Post by CaptGoodvibes » Sun May 31, 2020 12:23 am

I think I've tried all the tankers and no matter how I drive beside this field container, I never get an overfill choice.

I have tried it on the ground and on an ITRunner trailer, I've tried various slurry tankers; modded and in game, and have driven beside it on all sides from all sides, every combination I could muster to no avail.

How does this piece of equipment work> Thanks!
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Re: ITRunner Slurry Field Container, HowTo?

Post by JensChrDK » Sun May 31, 2020 10:29 am

Kind of in the same boat as you, but I didn't use a container, I just took it direct from truck w/ITRunner to slurry spreader, so my solution was to jump in the tractor and press "R" when close enough to the ITRunner.

Would also like to know a solution for this! Anyone who can expand our brainholes would be highly appreciated :smileynew:
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