Modhub freezing (console)

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Re: Modhub freezing (console)

Post by SimulatedFarmer » Thu Nov 12, 2020 3:18 pm

No, its NOT fixed for me. I have had it. I will agree it’s somewhat better, but not enough. I’ve played this game through the last 3 iterations. I “sold” it to numerous friends who are now irritated, too...some of them with ME! Now, in addition to the mod hub freezing, when I start a new map, the Animals area of the store won’t load in game. AND, I have NO mods loaded in the games. xBox. While I’m at it, I’ll express that I’m tired of mods overlapping categories, both in categories on the main page, but in game, too. I see no good way to know where to look for, for example lights, or decorative things and the search feature is a joke. I have uninstalled the game (so has my sister, niece, next door neighbor (who just bought it and wants ME to pay for it). I’m on a rant, which I never do. I will never buy anything Giants produces. If Giants gives a s***, they don’t show it. I don’t post implied swearing, either, that’s how disgusted I am. Actually that’s what I am, more than angry - disgusted. Arrogant morons need to learn to code.

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