crop droughts

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crop droughts

Post by havatya123 » Mon Dec 07, 2020 3:14 pm

is there a tool in fs19 to spread water on fields like how a slurry bowser works ?

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Re: crop droughts

Post by redglasses » Mon Dec 07, 2020 3:23 pm

Liquid fertilizer sprayers are the closest thing.
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Re: crop droughts

Post by fenixguy » Mon Dec 07, 2020 3:31 pm

As far as I know, the only way crops can get water is through precipitation. If you're on PC though, there might be other options.
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Re: crop droughts

Post by Mwal » Mon Dec 07, 2020 3:39 pm

I haven’t saw anything like that ever on pc either, there are irrigation pivots but they just fertilize

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