crashing while leasing

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crashing while leasing

Post by chaskuchar1 » Fri Jan 11, 2019 1:59 pm

every time it crashes I have the cotton icon with 766 loaded but it shows with all the vehicles. cotton harvester is leased, small fendt is leased, 6m cotton planter is leased, 35m sprayer is leased, 6m cultivator leased, cotton harvester leased. mostly happens with returning leased fendt but happened now when I took the fendt to ber repaired and it happened before I could repair the fendt. will delete this game and start again. I own fields 13 and 14. second day of playing. chas

no crashing but stopping vehicles. I can still switch between categories and still see shop items and I can try to save and quit but only quit works. I can start again but it quickly hangs up again. chas

could not find what version I am on. It happened again with no mods installed and I have errors in my log file so installing the latesrt update. chas

updaqte didn't help. I think I know the problem though. I am using the Lemkin azurit 9 planter with the vadurstad fh 2200 seed helper. my logfile had so many errors and the last entry was application quit. I am going back to a saved game before I bought the planter and seed helper and just use the planter to see what happens. chas
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