Saitek Heavy Equip/Farming Mapping

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Saitek Heavy Equip/Farming Mapping

Post by Loerwyn » Sat Jan 12, 2019 8:58 am

Morning all!

I've done a search and noticed a number of people having the same issue as me with the default bindings for the Saitek controller being absolutely ridiculous (please fix this Giants <3), so I'm wondering if anyone has managed to successfully copy the bindings from FS17 (where it worked perfectly) over to FS19? Would replacing the contents of the FS19 input file with the FS17 ones work?
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Re: Saitek Heavy Equip/Farming Mapping

Post by W1der » Sat Jan 12, 2019 10:35 am

This is not an answer to your question ... sorry!

I have played using that controller and it did not make sense to me the old way either ... :blushnew:

My suggestion to anyone that is using any type of controller is to remap it entirely based on your own preferences.
In FS19 we can reach these settings from withing a game session which makes it easier than ever!

Delete everything except gas / steering (if you like how that is setup).
Set the "F1 help window" to show keyboard commands. (This helps you identify the right line to change in the controls menu by first looking for it in the keyboard section).

Now ... for each command you find yourself needing while playing the game ... map it to the first button that comes to your mind.
This way it will become intuitive for YOU ... and a lot easier to remember.

Remapping the buttons to your own liking adds a lot to the gaming experience!
It also helps to know the controls menu if you add mods that are setup strangely and /or creates a button conflict!
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